Podcast series: Takaisin kirjoituspöydälle, part 12: Jamie MacDonald

Surprise! This one is exceptionally in English! The intro and outro are in Finnish, so if you don’t speak our beautiful and insanely hard language, don’t be discouraged. The podcast will flip to English in a minute or so.

My guest this time is Jamie MacDonald, the host of Think Helsinki Think. I really liked the small bit in Jukka Lindström’s episode about otherness in comedy, so I decided to focus this episode on the subject. I think Jamie is a perfect comedian to talk about it, because … have you ever forgotten your dick at somebody else’s flat? Well, he has. His current stuff is mostly about being ”other” in our society.

We laugh more than in any previous episode. We also realize that English language seems more competitive than agrarian Finnish language.


Click play, and our delightful voices invade your ear canals.

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